Thursday, May 01, 2014

Check Out some Dodgers Collectibles from the Newport Sports Museum now Available at SCP Auctions

Did you ever have an opportunity to visit the Newport Sports Museum?  It opened in 1995 and housed over 10,000 significant game-used artifacts representing every sport imaginable. Principally owned by John Hamilton, it represented the relationships he built throughout the sports world. 
“I’ve always had a passion for sports,” Hamilton said. “It doesn’t do any good to have it all lying around in my basement. I wanted to take all this stuff and turn it into a positive tool.”
Recently, the museum closed for good, and this month local sports memorabilia auction house SCP will begin auctioning much of its content.  This is part 1 of a 4-part offering through SCP Auctions.  BTW, you can still check out their website (here) as they continue to share photos and videos of the museum.  Below is a photo of part of the Dodger collection that was there.
(pic via Newport Sports Museum)

Below are some Dodgers related memorabilia that struck my fancy.

Game-used jersey's of Sandy Koufax (as well as most older Dodgers) are exceedingly rare.  Below is a 1965 jersey he once wore
(Auction Link)

Below is a 1966 game-worn jersey of Don Drysdale.
(Auction Link)

This is probably my favorite Dodger collectible in this SCP auction of Newport Sports Museum items.  Below is an original Dodger Stadium seat that is said to have been removed during the renovations that occurred in 1999.
(Auction Link)

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