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2014 Bowman Inception Baseball - All the Dodger Cards

Last week, Topps released their 2014 Bowman Inception Baseball card set.  It is filled with the leagues top prospects and future stars; including young future ace Julio Urias.  This set is entirely autograph driven and it's pricey.  A box consist of only 1 pack of 5 autographed cards at a cost of about $90.00 each.  In other words, every card available (with exception of the 1989 Bowman Is Back Silver Diamond Refractors) are autographed.

Check out all of the Dodger cards available below.  Unfortunately, several of the scarcer Urias cards are only available through a redemption card; with exception of the base prospect autographed card directly below. 

Base Prospect Autographs

#PA-AG Alexander Guerrero                       #PA-CA Chris Anderson

#PA-JU Julio Urias

This subset is the only non-autographed cards in the set.  Below is the Clayton Kershaw card.  I do not believe this card counts as a part of the 5 cards in the pack - it's like a free throw in.  These cards are making an appearance in all Bowman branded sets this year.

1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractors

#89BIB-CK Clayton Kershaw

This next card is a "1 of 1" card.  Unfortunately, the Joc Pederson (#AFP-JP) card has yet to make an appearance.  Since it's such an fantastic looking card I decided to include a pic of Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley card below to help you visualize how great these look.

Autograph ASG Futures Game Patch

Autographed MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch

#ALP-CS Corey Seager

Autograph Letter Patch Book

#ALB-JP Joc Pederson

The next group of card have either not made an appearance yet, or are available only through a redmption.

Inceptioned Autographs

#IBA-JU Julio Urias

Silver Signings Autographs

#SS-JU Julio Urias

Unfortunately, the Alexander Guerrero Bowman Black Collection card (#BBC-AG) has yet to appear, so I do not know if they are seeded into packs or available only through a redemption card.  The Urias is only available through a redemption.

The Bowman Black Collection

#BBC-JU Julio Urias

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