Thursday, July 10, 2014

Allen & Ginter is Out and Here are Some of the Oddballs - Snoop, Bloggers and Vince Gilligan

It amazes me that nearly a decade after it's debut the Topps' Allen & Ginter Baseball card brand still packs a big punch.  Everyone seems to love its simple design elements, and the inclusion of so many non-sports subjects allows it to appeal to just about anybody.  Set builders, high-end card collectors, player collectors and folks of all walks of life just can't seem to get enough.

Of course, it's Baseball heavy, but you can also get planes, history, fantasy and cats.  If you want a piece of hair from Edward VIII King of England then this is your set.  If an autograph from NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd is more to your liking than check out Allen & Ginter.  This set is probably the most ambitious card set on the market today. 

Next week I hope to have pics of most, if not all, the Dodger cards available in the set to share with you.  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to point out some of its oddball offerings.

For instance, check out the "Oddity's" card of Boston Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava below.  Encapsulated right in the middle are shavings from his playoff beard from last season.  No doubt, 100 years from now someone will be able to clone him for another championship run.

Continuing on the Baseball theme, below are vintage stadium cut pieces.  Sliced up pieces of wood that once graced old Baseball stadiums like Sportsman's Park or Cleveland Municipal Stadium are available.  There is an Ebbets Field card in a 10-card "Fields of Yore" insert set, but they did not create a companion relic card.  Boo!

For the Disney fan out there, former Disney CEO (and a current owner of Topps) Michael Eisner has a bunch of cards in the set; including some interesting personally worn clothing pieces.  As you can see below, some of his relic fabric pieces have hidden Mickey's in them.

I've got some friends who would go absolutely crazy for this kind of stuff.

When it comes to popular culture Allen & Ginter seems to always get it right.  Here are my two favorite available autograph subjects: Snoop Lion and Kevin Smith.

These next two cards have me baffled and intrigued.  Topps made cards for a couple of sports bloggers who write for Barstool Sports - Dave Portnoy and Kevin Clancy.  I would love to one day have a card like this for myself, but I'd be super-pissed off if I pulled one of these in a pack.

These can't possibly count as a hit?

The writer and creator of the greatest show to ever be aired on television is also in Allen & Ginter. You can get a Vince Gilligan card and autograph in the set.

Better yet, seeded into packs are scarce relic cards featuring Gilligan's production used storyboards from his show "Breaking Bad".  I kid you not!  It is unknown how many of these are available.  So far, only the two below have been unearthed.

And to finish this post off, didn't I mention cats above?  Well, then here ya go.  Check out some cards from the "Little Lions" insert set below.

UPDATE:  I made a small change to the end of this post because I realized that I could not do this set justice without adding some cats... Meow!

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  1. Those do count as hits as does the one Topps Employee auto that I've seen pulled. If Topps wants to put stuff like that in as an extra hit, that's fine, but to count one of those as one of your three hits is just wrong.


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