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Blog Kiosk: 7/16/2014 - Dodger Links - Dee Gordon, Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig

Clayton Kershaw is such a dork.  Photo above tweeted by @MLBNetwork.  BTW, you can check out all of the Dodger highlights via Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider, here.  Also, here are a bunch of pics from the game by Jon SooHoo.
Adam Wainwright said, several times, that he grooved the pitch Jeter hit for a double. "He deserved it," Wainwright said.
So, I guess the "Cardinal Way to Play Baseball" is to throw a game away while at the same time disrespecting one of the games greatest players by publicly saying that they took it easy on him.  What a bunch of schmucks!
When things weren’t going well for Dee about a year ago, the main thing I told him was to remember back how it was when you were taking swings back home in Florida and I was hitting him groundballs on the basketball court. You’ve got to be able to go back to something. My kids are humble kids. They remember what it was like before they got to this level, and that’s very important. 
In this morning's Dee's All Star Journal he's "Taking It In."
I picked up a lot of little stuff here and there. But when you’re a young player at your first All-Star Game, I was trying to just stay out of the way and do my own thing, just help these guys win.
Kershaw was already the game’s pre-eminent pitcher, but now he’s making major league hitters look like the poor souls tasked with facing him on the Texas prep scene. He’s accomplishing that by refining an already-sinister slider. 
They played on the same youth soccer, baseball, football and basketball teams together. They played freshmen football and two years of varsity baseball together and both graduated from Highland Park High School in 2006 after dominant final seasons. 
  • Happy-go-lucky Yasiel Puig is not angry or disappointed in his All-Star Game performance.  Not in the least bit.  Via David Brown at Big League Stew:
“I leave here happy for several reasons, including that I got to play amongst friends," Puig said with the help of translator Yvonne Carrasco. “I leave happy that I did the best I can. I didn’t hit any home runs yesterday, I struck out three times today. But you know — that happens. I’m proud to have been present for Derek Jeter’s last All-Star game before he retires. It was very emotional to see him off. He has been one of my favorite players.
  • BTW, prior to the Home Run Derby participants did a little promotion for Gillette - its sponsor.  They were kind enough to pass along a photo with Yasiel Puig shaving.  Check it out below.  Photo courtesy of Gillette.
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Gillette)
  • Cable companies suck!  Their customer service sucks.  Their desire to end net neutrality sucks.  Cable giant Time Warner's handling of the Dodger situation sucks.  They just all suck! 
So, knowing that Comcast and Time Warner are about to merge means that they will only suck more!  That's why I find this audio shared by Mark Berman at The Washington Post both hilarious and prophetic.  A customer was trying to discontinue his Comcast service, but the customer service rep refused to do so - using an old sales technique of causing so much frustration that the customer just gives up and stays a customer.  This time, the future ex-customer did not relent and recorded the conversation for all of us to enjoy.  Go here
I would be willing to bet that this is exactly how Time Warner has been negotiating with other providers.  Heck, I bet those other providers use the same technique back at Time Warner.  That way, at the end of the day, it ends up being a big circle jerk; with Dodger fans wondering where the season has gone.

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