Friday, August 22, 2014

No Kemp For You - At Least 15,000 of You Will Not Get a Kemp Figurine

So, how much do you wanna bet that the cargo ship from China got lost? 

Likely, though, a clerical error has caused a cargo container (or more) to get delayed at customs at the port of LA.  As a result, 15,000 of the Matt Kemp figurines the Dodgers are planning to give away to fans will not be there.

Per a Dodger press release:
Due to unforeseeable circumstances relating to shipping and customs control, approximately fifteen thousand of the Matt Kemp Figurines that were to be given away at Dodger Stadium during the game with the New York Mets on Sunday, Aug. 24, will not be available for distribution. When the supply on hand has been distributed, those among the first 40,000 in attendance who do not receive the giveaway item will receive a voucher which, when redeemed, will be good for one Matt Kemp Figurine.

From Sept. 1-28, the vouchers will be redeemable at the Top of the Park Merchandise Store at Dodger Stadium during games and on non-game days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Fans will also have the option of mailing their vouchers into the Fan Services Department, and the figurines will be sent to them at the address specified on the voucher. Details for redemption by mail will be printed on each voucher.
There are going to be some very unhappy fans on Sunday. 

This problem is reminiscent to the Hello Kitty travel mugs that didn't arrive in time for a Dodger game in July.  In that incident a truck had an accident causing those mugs to arrive too late for the game.

This time it's customs.  Oy Vey!

BTW, a friend of mine who works in shipping tells me that this happens all the time.

Of course, I want to believe that the below happened to the figurines and it's taking much longer than desired to sort things out.

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