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Blog Kiosk: 9/26/2014 - Dodger Links - Some Odds and Ends

Check out this great vintage photo via @BSmile on twitter.  It features the Brooklyn Dodgers Band getting ready for the upcoming 1941 World Series.  Per the caption:
~ ACME Wire: ” -  Shows, the Brooklyn Dodger Band as they oiled up their instruments for the Series. “Brother Lou” Sariano, leader of the band, as he oiled up the squeeky trombone for Patty George. at the Withers Bar and Grill at 32 Withers St. Brooklyn.
As you know, this group would be aptly named the Sym-Phony Band by Dodger broadcaster Red Barber in  1939.  BTW, there is a half-hour documentary about this group made in 1998, and a six minute clip of it can be seen here, on vimeo
  • If you haven't already you gotta check out Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo's pics from Wedneday.  He's got a bunch of photos of the game and the ensuing celebration.  Go here.  You won't regret it.
  • I had missed this moment at the end of Wednesday's game.  So, why are you making it hard to hate you?  See the gif below.  
(Via Reddit: HairyBoobies)
No one’s found a way to beat him, not reliably, anyway; in his 27 starts this year, only once did he allow more than three earned runs. But it doesn’t mean hitters aren’t constantly trying to figure out how, because “simply waiting until he retires in 12 years or so” seems like it might take some time. So they’re doing something that may seem counter-intuitive: They’re swinging as soon as they can. After years and years of being told “be patient, work the count, get into the bullpen,” — not a terrible thought, since the Dodgers bullpen beyond Kenley Jansen & J.P. Howell is more than a little problematic — hitters are abandoning patience and are simply trying to attack Kershaw early.
Even though Billingsley hasn’t starting throwing yet, he has been working out and says that he will have a ‘normal’ off-season.

“Shoulder exercising, running and lower body work a lot,” said Billingsley. “It’s mostly just waiting allowing my surgery to heal on its own and start throwing by the end of November and be ready by spring training.”
Simmons’s anger is absolutely earned. Goodell’s denial is absurd; as I’ve written before, what did he think it looked like when a football player knocked a woman unconscious? (Note that Simmons is saying that he lied about knowing what was on the tape, not whether Goodell saw it himself.) There are a few levels of dishonesty here: when Goodell hears that a player—a man whom he watches on the field every week using the force of his body in violent collisions—has hit a woman, and says that he just can’t picture the mechanics of that action without a video, how many lies is he telling, to others and to himself? Perhaps in other cases, when players choked women, shot them, or dragged them by the hair, he needed a sort of animated diagram.

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