Friday, September 26, 2014

I Prefer to Tip My Cap to Kirk Gibson

On a day when there isn't much to speak of we are given some news that I'm sure doesn't surprise anyone.  This afternoon the Diamondbacks officially fired manager Kirk Gibson.

This has caused a rather vociferous response from the Dodger faithful, and to be frank I don't like it at all.

I get that he was an opposing manager of a burgeoning rival... I get that he's been blamed for the HBP parade that became endemic of the DBack's pitching staff... I get that some Dodger Blue fans may hold a grudge against him as a result... But, come on now.  Kirk Gibson is one of the Dodgers greatest heroes and regardless of that recent past he should always be given a measure of respect.

Furthermore, I get that much of what you see on social media is pure schadenfreude and should not be taken seriously.  Still, I find the lulz bandwagon found on my timeline to be immensely annoying.  (I guess you can say the trolls have beat me.)

From where I stand, Kirk Gibson will always be a Dodger.  I will always see him as that hobbling linebacker-looking slugger who was the inspiration, if not the reason, we won the World Series in 1988.  And for that, for that single season of Dodger Blue greatness, I will always tip my hat to Kirk Gibson.  Like I said before, he deserve that level of respect - especially from Dodger fans.

Pic above grabbed from Hardball Talk.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I met Kirk at a Dodgers game on his Bobblehead night a few years back. He normally is a man of few words, and grumpy words at that but he was super nice. I was shaking and couldn't believe that he signed a ball for me. He's one of those guys you never think you will meet. Behind me was kind of a typical non-autograph collector girl who had her bobble signed. She was dressed in Dodgers gear from Head to Toe and She said "I'm your biggest fan" - to which he said "So your rooting for Arizona tonight then?" I mean that's totally him - the dodgers would be incredibly smart if they brought him back as a consultant. The fans would go crazy. They guy has the best Dodgers moment in history and should be remembered that way.


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