Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Leaf Valiant Baseball - All the Dodger Cards

Here's another prospect based Baseball card set to wet your whistle.  Last week Leaf released their 2014 Valiant Baseball card set and a couple of Dodger prospects are available in it.  Go here for a complete checklist.

This set features colorful and shiny autographed-only cards of some of the best and most promising prospects in the Minors.  Available Dodgers include 2014 1st round draft pick Grant Holmes and promising infielder Darnell Sweeney.  There are also vintage 'buyback' Leaf cards that have been autographed and numbered to the players uniform number.  So far, I am only aware of the 1992 & 1991 Leaf Darryl Strawberry cards being available, but there may be more (a checklist has not been provided by Leaf).

Base Autographs

#BA-DS2 Darnell Sweeney                    #BA-GH1 Grant Holmes

Out of this World Autographs

#OW-GH1 Grant Holmes SSP

BTW, although Strawberry wore #44 as a Dodger he signed only 18 of these cards for this set.  The #18 was the uniform number he wore during his eight years as a New York Met.

Leaf Memories Buybacks

1991 Leaf Darryl Strawberry (#/18)        1992 Leaf Darryl Strawberry (#/18)

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