Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Meet Your Oklahoma City Dodgers - New Team, New Logos, New Uniforms

The big news from the Dodgers front was not a trade or free agent signing.  Instead, we find out that our new AAA minor league ball club in Oklahoma City will be renamed the Dodgers.  Via Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider:
“Today marks a new chapter in Oklahoma City’s baseball history, and we are proud to say we are now the Oklahoma City Dodgers,” said Oklahoma City Dodgers president/general manager Michael Byrnes. “Soon after the ownership change took place, there was a dialogue as to how we could rebrand the team. Ultimately, ownership, team leadership, and key stakeholders felt there was no bigger statement for the Los Angeles Dodgers to plant their flag in Oklahoma City than by renaming their Triple-A team the Dodgers as well.”
As you may recall, the Oklahoma City team is partly owned by the Dodgers, so you should expect that this club will remain the Dodgers for a long time.  BTW, all of the new logos and designs were created by the Dodgers own in-house design team. Below are some presentation pages from this mornings press conference.

And here are some photos from the press conference:

Here's a peek at the new uniforms.

Look at this gorgeous patch.

Look at the size of that flag!

And look at some of the merchandise.

This might be the best news of all for an Oklahoman... Is that right?  Oklahoman?  Or is it Oklahomanites?  Oklahomer?  Okie?  I dunno.

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  1. I really prefer it when minor league teams have their own identity, so I was disappointed when I heard about this... Nothing against the Dodgers and I absolutely understand the reasoning, but it seems like a step backwards to me.

    Betcha a 1977 Burt Hooton that the OKC hats get changed after one season - from any sort of distance they look like a KC Royals hat with an "O" stuck on it.

    1. I do kinda agree with you. It's a bit cheesy. That said, it'll drive sales so it makes sense.

      As for the OKC hat, it does look a little like the KC hats, but I totally dig the homage to the Brookly Dodgers. For me, it's a big winner and the best of the bunch.

  2. I Have All Merchandise(Jerseys And Caps).
    Wonder If They'll Use 9 Caps(Royal Blue,White,Gray,Billed Versions Of Those Three And Front Quarter Versions Of Them)?
    And Use 8 Jerseys With BP Jersey Having 11 Versions, Each 8 Logos And 3 Wordmarks.

  3. 17 Caps,Actually If You Include 8 Logos.

  4. I Actually Own All 36 Of Them.


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