Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Peek at AGon's 2015 Dodger Bobblehead

With Spring Training and the 2015 Baseball season just weeks before getting underway, the Dodgers are deliberately releasing preview pics of their upcoming bobbleheads for the masses to digest.  This year the Dodgers will once again hand out ten different Dodger bobbleheads, and Adrian Gonzalez will be the second one out of the gate.  As you'll recall, the Dodgers released an early photo of the first Dodger bobblehead of Clayton Kershaw several weeks ago (check that out here).

The Adrian Gonzalez bobble will be handed out to fans on Saturday, May 23rd against the Padres.  As you can see in the photograph above, Adrian is shown playing his position at first base in anticipation of making a stretch for the ball.  This is appropriate considering his Gold Glove won last season.  Both pics (above and below) are via @Dodgers on twitter.  BTW, this is Adrian's second Dodger bobble.  He was previously honored with a bobblehead during the 2013 season.

The bobblehead schedule for the 2015 season are as follows:
  • #1: Tue, May 12 - Clayton Kershaw
  • #2: Sat, May 23 - Adrian Gonzalez
  • #3: Thu, Jun 4 - Kenley Jansen
  • #4: Mon, Jul 6 - Maury Wills
  • #5: Sat, Jul 11 - Juan Uribe
  • #6: Wed, Jul 29 - Yasiel Puig
  • #7: Thu, Aug 13 - ?(Unknown)
  • #8: Tue, Sep 1 - ?(Unknown)
  • #9: Wed, Sep 16 - ?(Unknown)
  • #10: Wed, Sep 23 - ?(Unknown)

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