Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Kiosk: 2/26/2015 - Dodger Links - Koufax, Pederson and Grandal

If autograph hounds are commonly known as "graphers" then what do you call folks who only want a selfie?  Selfers?  Photo above via Camelback Ranch on twitter

Below are some more links to check out:
Pederson offers up gobs of potential – above-average power and speed, a career walk rate north of 14%, the ability to man center field effectively – but he isn’t a certainty for stardom. In fact, it could be just the opposite. As the Dodgers’ front office aggressively pushed the burgeoning big leaguer quickly through the minor leagues, it appeared that Pederson handled each promotion with aplomb. But his once modest strikeout rate has become increasingly concerning with each stop.
“I’m trying to make the umpire’s job easier. The better lane I give them to see the ball, the better relationship I’m going to have with them, the more they’re going to trust me,” Grandal said. “I’m always talking to them, trying to see, ‘Hey, do you have a good lane to see? Am I cutting you off? Are you seeing this pitch?’ The relationship between the catcher and pitcher is pretty important, but you also have to have a relationship with the umpire.” 
  • An old friend alert!  Mark Ellis has retired, via Susan Slusser at
  • Apparently, the ever cautious Dodgers had Hyun-Jin Ryu get a MRI.  No worries though, Ken Gurnick reports it's fine.

  • Via Mike OZ at Big League Stew, "California stars are dominating MLB merchandise sales."
  • AWESOME!  John Thorn, the MLB official historian, put together "A Long and Winding Quiz."
  • David Seiderman at Forbes provides a recap of the recently closed Heritage Sports auction, "Sandy Koufax Dodgers Jersey Sells for 580K And Other Highlights From Biggest Sports Auction Ever."

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