Friday, March 13, 2015

The Adorable Puig Plays MLB15

Yeah, I said it.  Puig's adorable.

Adorable like a little lost puppy that I want to hug and take care of.  I want to make sure nobody every hurts him again 'cause he's too innocent and pure to be running around in an wilderness filled with fickle and often vindictive American sports fans.

Just check out the below video to see what I mean.  He shows up at about the 19 second (:19) mark in the MLB 15 The Show video below.  In it, he takes notice of the detail found on the equipment, namely his shoes, in the game.  Puig remarks:
"That's my shoes."
In the most boyish way possible.

Video Link:

As you may know, MLB 15 officially comes out on March 31st.  Go here for more information at the Baseball is Better website.  And if the above video doesn't provide enough Puig and MLB 15 for you then check out the newly released video of Puig playing more of the game below.  It is a "Puig on Puig" video.

Video Link:

In the above video Puig shows his sense of humor when he mentions that his digital self hits the cutoff man.

BTW, if you're wondering about the ratings placed on the Dodger players check out the graphic below.  Operation Sports has player rating for each team here.
(Top rated Dodgers in game, via Operation Sports)

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