Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vintage Dodger Straw Hat at Hunt Auctions - Would You Wear This?

I would definitely wear this.  Heck, I'd wear it so often I'd probably wear it out.

Featured here is said to be a circa 1960's Los Angeles Dodgers straw hat current for sale at Hunt Auctions.  Check it out here.

I can imagine it now.  I'd be sitting up on the Top Deck (or the Upper Reserve, as I like to call it) with a beer in one hand, a Dodger dog in another and this fashionably vintage hat to protect my quickly balding scalp. 

No doubt I'd be the envy of all who sat around me.  There'd be constant whispers and pointing until a brave soul finally built up the courage to ask me where I got it.  I could then remark, "It's vintage and might be the last of its kind."

I'd then sit back into my seat with a stupid smug smile.  My transformation into a full-on hipster would be complete.  Or maybe, I'd just get the hat to put on the top shelf of my ever-growing Dodger display.  Yeah, that would be the ticket.

On second thought, I would definitely wear it.  But I promise I won't have a '70's styled mustache or be wearing an Hawaiian shirt.  OK, maybe an Hawaiian shirt, but no mustache.

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