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Blog Kiosk: 4/8/2015 - Dodger Links - Last Nights Spectacle, A Celebrity Photobomb and Ryu's Fantastic Rap (Video)

The Dodger ground crew had a lot on their plate last night as rain clouds swept in to threaten that evenings game.  (Check out a pic of them via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2015)  At first it misted, then it drizzled and finally a nice rain fell from the skies.  Fortunately, this is Southern California, so it didn't last long - hence our current drought.  The game got underway, albeit a bit delayed, and we got to enjoy the second game of the season under a chill of dark clouds. 

Zack Greinke was his usual best on the mound - going six innings and allowing only two hits.  If not for a misplay by Carl Crawford in left he would have given up no runs.  Via a Ken Gurnick story at
"I had good command," Greinke said. "I located pretty well. I didn't throw many curves, but the other three pitches were pretty good and I mixed it up."
The defensive problems on the field, however, did not stop with Crawford.  Rollins recorded a couple errors; including a play that resulted in a game-tying score in the seventh inning.  (Watch it here) Frankly, I think that call was iffy.  Having to run back toward short centerfield to make a basket catch on a Texas Leaguer is not a gimme for an infielder.  It should not have been scored an error.

The real crux was an error by Yasmani Grandal in the ninth inning.  On a sacrifice bunt Grandal overran, reached back and threw the bunted ball awkwardly at the base.  It hit the runner and got away from the first baseman.  Soon, with two on and nobody out, the wheels fell off.  Four runs crossed the plate and the Dodgers suddenly found themselves facing the Padres newly acquired ace closer Craig Kimbrel - who struck out the side.

Oy Vey!  Hopefully we won't see many games like this again.  No worries though, with the season so young and long we are bound to have mystifying spectacles like this.  Baseball can be such a fun and aggravating game.

Go here to check out a bunch of great pics from Jon SooHoo from yesterdays game here.  Below are some more links to check out:
“A lot of different factors went into this game, what’s best for the whole situation,” Mattingly said. “Obviously we’re always going to take into consideration what Clayton prefers.”
  • Brad Utterstrom shared several of the original sketch cards he made for the 2015 Gypsy Queen set; including the Clayton Kershaw card on the right.  Go here to check out more from him.  (Hat Tip: Sports Card Info)
  • Ha Ha!  Via Rev Halofan at Halos Heaven, "MLB: Angels Officially Part Dodger Blue. WTF?"  Check out all of the other teams being represented by their colors on the Empire State Building here; including the Dodgers in glorious Dodger Blue.
  • Bob Lemke informs us of a new Jackie Robinson discovery to the Standard Catalog.  He shares a pic of a 1947 Champs Hat premium photo of Robinson.
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu is one fly guy.  He can strike you out with a deceptive change-up and rap/sing like a modern day pop star.  He's just awesome!  Below is a Korean commercial, and it's worth your time to watch.  (Hat Tip: Reddit u/YaketyMax)

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