Friday, October 16, 2015

Some Dodger Goodies at Heritage Auctions - WS Trophy, Drysdale/Koufax Contract and Vintage Jersey's


I was hoping this blog post would be more cheery; especially since I was about to feature an 1988 Dodgers World Series Championship trophy that is currently on auction at Heritage.  I was planning on ranting on about how something similar to this could be our prize in less than a month, and how it's about time we have something to celebrate.  Instead, all I can do now is dream about what could have been.  Oh, well.

Below is a 1988 World Series trophy (12" version) that was given to a former front office worker named Shirley L. Adcock.  Check out the auction here.  This exact trophy sold earlier this year through a well know eBay retailer for $2,913.00.

Here's an unusual piece of memorabilia.  As you know, both Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax chose to negotiate their upcoming contract with the Dodgers for the 1966 season collectively.  In doing so, they were trying to bargain for the best deal they could get.

Initially, they sought a three year contract for $500,000 each ($167,000 per season).  After a month of discussions they settled for less.  Koufax would get $125,000 and Drysdale would get $115,000.  Below is a side agreement to that deal.  In the signed documents below, both Koufax and Drysdale assert their claim to their names and likenesses for endorsement and merchandising interests while assuring the Dodgers the right of first refusal for any conflicts.  It is also signed by Dodger GM Buzzie Bavassi.  Check out the auction here.
(Auction Link)

Here are some great looking vintage Dodger jersey's.  Below is Frank Howard's 1961 home white jersey.  Check out the auction here.
(Auction Link)

Below is Ron Perranoski's road blue jersey.  Check out the auction here.
(Auction Link)

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