Thursday, December 10, 2015

Corresponding About Campanella - Letter from Felton to O'Malley

This is fantastic. 

Featured above is an letter from former Brooklyn Dodger pregame television host Happy Felton to LA Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley in 1958.  It is currently for sale in the Lelands 2015 Winter Auction (auction link here).  In it he writes about recently taping an interview with Roy Campanella, who was paralyzed by this time, and how he was doing his best to help Campy earn a little bit more income.  Furthermore, Felton spread some good news that Roy was physically improving just a bit.

As you know, the Dodgers eventually put together an fund raising event for Campanella at the LA Coliseum that drew 93,103 fans (a record for a game at the time) in May of 1959 that raised a whole bunch of dough.  I wonder if this letter was one of many that lead to that endeavor.   After all, it appears that everyone involved truly wanted to do everything they can for Campy.

Below is what Felton wrote to O'Malley:
Deal Walter,

Saw Campy last Thursday, and this morning I taped an interview show with him.  Dr. Rusk and the rent of the staff seem to think it would be very good for him therapeutically, and, of course, if I am able to sell it, it would be a source of income for him.  I am taking it to the American Tobacco Co. tomorrow.

They had him in a chair for the first time today, and they seemed to be well pleased.  He is moving both arms and was able to feel a piece of paper between his thumb and fore finger on his right hand.  This cheered him up quite a bit.

Don't let those Californians get you down.  Good luck next Tuesday.  Our love to all of you.

Happy Felton

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