Monday, March 21, 2016

A Dodgers Crying Towel

I don't think we're at the point where the tears should start flowing, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

After all, the #5 spot in the starting rotation is in shambles.  Various injuries has setback numerous pitchers during spring training, and we are left wondering if the depth we thought we had was enough.  Furthermore, an untimely knee sprain to Corey Seager and a batted ball right at Andre Ethier's shin has me, along with thousands of fellow fans, on edge. 

As a consequence, I have my sights set on a vintage memorabilia piece I spotted at the "In the Park Collectibles" auction this weekend.  Check it out in the photo above.  Featured is an oddball looking paper towel with the words, "Dodgers Crying Towel" emblazoned on it.  It is thought to be from the Dodgers days in Brooklyn, but I cannot confirm that.  Having seen this item only once before, I still don't know who made this or where it comes from.  So, if you happen to have any insight please let me know.

BTW, the reason why something like this might exist dates back to the early days of futility for the Brooklyn club.  During the 20's they were often referred to as the "Daffiness Boys" for their unusual personalities and poor wit on the field.  Then the Brooklyn borough's affection for the team morphed into "Dem Bums;" as a sign sign of both derision and unconditional love.  As one might say, they were always the bridesmaid and never to bride -- that is until 1955 came around.

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