Monday, March 14, 2016

This Park is Not Bombproof

Although I can't absolutely verify that this came out of an Brooklyn Dodgers scorecard, I nevertheless found it fascinating.  Featured above is said to be a circa 1942 pamphlet that was originally inserted into scorecards for patrons at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, as seen in an eBay listing.

It reads:
Mayor La Guardia has provided a system of safety for patrons attending ball games.

This park is not bombproof but as safe as elsewhere.

If opposite you seat you find the label
You will be expected to do just that during an air raid. 

If the label should read
you will be expected to comply with these instructions.

If an alert is sounded walk to place of safety.  Don't run or shout.  Obey the air raid wardens.


Please comply with these instructions.  They are intended for your protection.
As you surely know, 1942 was during the initial stages of WWII for America, and fear among the populace of a German bombing raid was real.  After all, the British isles were subject to their "Blitzkrieg's" the year prior, and with America's recent entrance into the war folks wouldn't be blamed for being concerned.  Heck, transport ships heading through the Atlantic were under constant attack from German U-Boats; including the sinking of the "Norness" tanker just 60 miles off the coast of Long Island in January of 1942.  So, for folks along the eastern seaboard the war was very close.

Fortunately, no air raid ever occurred in the states, but it's nice to know that they had plans should it happen.

On another note, one thing that is written in the pamphlet is a bit disconcerting.  For instance, how easy would it be to just sit in your seat, as described in the first part of the pamphlet, if you heard air raid sirens going off?  That would be really difficult to do; especially knowing that, "this park is not bombproof."

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  1. Wow, this is interesting to read, especially in light of the world we are living in today. Thanks for sharing this bit of history.


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