Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blog Kiosk: 4/14/2016 - Dodgers Links - Kobe, Kendrick and Justin Turner

Fans celebrate their favorite players in all sorts of different ways.  Some folks go all out by wearing a full length uniform to show their fanaticism.  Others simply follow, collect or are more subtle when it comes to expressing their fandom.  Yesterday, a couple of Dodgers' showed their appreciation to retiring forward Kobe Bryant in totally different ways, and it happens to coincide with what I said above.

On the top left is Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner in full Kobe Bryant regalia in honor of the Lakers great last NBA game.  He shared this pic of himself on twitter yesterday afternoon.  To the right are commemorative cleats and batting gloves provided by Nike to Yasiel Puig (as well as others throughout Baseball) that he wore during last night's game.  This photo was also shared on twitter.  Other players to get the Bryant Baseball gear include Adrian Gonzalez and Mike Trout.

Below are more links to check out:
  • Those new "LA" logo helmet 3-D things are not faring so well.  Sax at Sons of Steve Garvey shares a pic from yesterdays game showing Puig's helmet in need of some repair.
  • Via Jack Baer at, "Kendrick to see more time in left field."
"I think, perfect world, we would have got him more repetitions this spring, but we can't anticipate how the season's going to play out," Roberts said. "So losing [Andre Ethier] and [Scott Van Slyke] this early, for us, the way Chase is playing, we want to keep him in the lineup, and also it's a way to add length to our lineup by having Howie in there. That's stuff he and I talked about the first day he re-signed, about being open to it."
"It feels nice," Greinke said of being back. "Very comfortable with this city. I have a house here. It seemed like normal. It feels like a good baseball place."
He stumped for politicians whom he believed would best support the interests of African Americans, including Richard Nixon, a decision he later regretted. At the 1964 Republican National Convention, Robinson served as a special delegate, rallying a tiny band of African Americans who were forsaken when the party lurched sharply to the right. The eventual nominee was Barry Goldwater, who had voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose supporters included the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan. At a rally outside the convention, Robinson thundered his disapproval. “I am an American Negro first, before I am a member of any party,” he told the audience. “We will not stand silently for any major party nominating a man who in my opinion is a bigot and a man who will attempt to prevent us from moving forward.” That November, Robinson voted for Lyndon Johnson, who beat Goldwater in a landslide.
"I'm actually a licensed stockbroker," Stripling said. "I work for a company called Wunderlich Securities in the offseason and do money management."
  • Topps 2016 Archives Signatures is coming back and Blowout Buzz shares a bunch of pics; including the Mike Piazza signed rookie card on the right.  Go here to see more.  This product is slated to be released in early August.
  • Via Matthew Moreno at Dodger Blue, "Joc Pederson Signs Partnership Deal With Chef’s Cut Real Jerky."
  • Justin Turner for President via Fresh Brewed Tees.  They even have a campaign video pitching the idea, or the t-shirts.  Check it out below.

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