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Jackie Robinson Baseball Card/Memorabilia Checklist - Part I - 1940's

With the 2016 Baseball season now in full steam and Jackie Robinson Day coming just around the corner, I thought I would take a moment to put together another Dodgers player collectibles checklist.  This time I decided to focus my attention of Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson.

This checklist is broken up into three different parts, and I include everything from cards, photos, postcards and other miscellaneous oddball items.  I also include some of the more well known team photos/cards showing Jackie Robinson.  Part I (as seen below) focuses on cards from the 1940's.  Part II (Link Here) looks at items from the 1950's and an handful of newer products I thought worthy of mentioning. Part III (Link Here) includes a bunch of oddball Jackie Robinson memorabilia.  I think it's fair to say that this list will be far from complete, so let me know of anything I've missed.  Also, I'd like to acknowledge the assistance from two fantastic websites: Old Cardboard and the Trading Card Database.  They are fantastic resources.  Click on any pic to embiggen.


#NNO - 1946 CHLP/CKAC Parade Sportive

This is clearly the earliest Jackie Robinson card-like collectible available in the hobby.  I say card-like because this is actually little poster printed on thin paper that was given out by a local sports radio show hosted by Paul Stuart called Parade Sportive. CHLP and CKAC are call signs for two different radio stations.  There are two different versions of this measuring about 5 1/4" x 9 1/2" and 7" x 10". The CHLP posters are 5 1/4" x 9 1/2".  The CKAC posters are 7" x 10" and feature an advertisement on the bottom.

CHLP                                                  CKAC

#NNO - 1946 CHLP Parade Sportive
1946 Montreal Royals Team Photo

CHLP                                                  CKAC


#NNO - 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Issued Photo Pack - Blank Back

This is another thin paper photo originally sold at Ebbets Field as a team photo pack.  Twenty five different Dodgers are in the set.  Backs are blank.  These measure 6 1/2" x 9".  BTW, the exact same image was reused in the 1948 team photo pack, and is largely indistinguishable from the earlier version.

#NNO - 1947 D302 Homogenized Bond Bread Jackie Robinson Set  (13 card set)

These next cards are my favorite.  Shown below are the 13 cards from the 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread set.  Each card features Jackie Robinson, and from my understanding they were only distributed in the Brooklyn area.

The very first card directly below is the most common card in the set.  It was actually a promotional card.

The remaining twelve cards in the set were distributed within loaves of Bond bread.  These cards are very scarce and command a premium.  Also, there are two different backs known in the set.

Below are the two different backs.

#NNO - 1947 D305 Homogenized Bond Bread - Blank Back

Bond Bread also issued another set that is commonly referred to as D305 Homogenized Bond Bread.  They are blank backed.  Also, actual date of issue is still a question in the hobby, as are the legitimacy of the issue.  What I do know is that a large warehouse find of a little over half the set was found in the 80's, and has flooded the market.  Furthermore, there may be numerous fakes out there, as well.  So, buyer beware.

#NNO - 1947-1966 Exhibit - Blank Back

#NNO - 1947 Fleetwood Slacks - Blank Back

This is a very scarce issue.  It measures 5" x 8".  

New Addition to Checklist:

#NNO - 1947 "Welcome Legionnaires 1947" 
Photo Premium - Blank Back

I've seen this item numerous times over the years, but am unsure as to it's origins. I assume it has something to due with the American Legion (a US Veteran advocacy group). Considering the year, it seems likely that the Dodgers hosted a group of veterans coming home from WWII.


#79 - 1948 Leaf

#NNO - 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Issued Photo Pack - Blank Back

Sold at Ebbets Stadium concession stands.  It was common for photos to be re-used from year-to-year in the team photo packs.  As you can see, in 1948 they used the exact same photo as the prior year.  They also measure 6 1/2" x 9".

#36 - 1948 R346 Blue Tint - Blank Back

This card was issued in a vertical strip of eight total cards.  A "Black & White" version exist and is very rare.  You can see a pic on the bottom right.

#3 - 1948 Swell Sports Thrills


#50 - 1949 Bowman

#NNO - 1949 All-Star Photo Pack - Blank Back

This 6 1/4" x 9" photo is part of an 20 photo set of All-Stars sold at stadium concessions stands.

#NNO - 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Issued Photo Pack - Blank Back

In 1949 the Dodgers decided to change things up.  The photo packs they sold includes a brand new photo of Jackie Robinson.

#49 - 1949 Eureka Sportstamp

This stamp was originally issued as a Dodgers team sheet that would be broken into individual stamps and affixed onto an album.  BTW, these stamps include only National League players.  Fairly scarce. 

Below is the Jackie Robinson stamp page (with short biography) and the front cover of the stamp book.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

#NNO - Exhibit 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers Team - Blank Back

#NNO - 1949 New York Journal American Team Photo - Blank Back

#NNO - 1948 or 1949 Old Gold Cigarettes Advertising Card

It is not entirely clear to me when this postcard sized advertising card were issued.  I've seen sources saying either 1948 or 1949.

The second Old Gold advertising card (below) is far scarcer than the one shown above

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