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Jackie Robinson Baseball Card Checklist - Notable Oddball Collectibles

There is no better way to conclude my checklist of Jackie Robinson cards and collectibles than on this day - Jackie Robinson Day.  You can check out Part I (1940's) here. Part II (1950's and Beyond) can be found here.  Finally, below is just a few of oddball collectibles featuring the legendary ballplayer.

I've tried my best to find every item featuring Jackie during his playing days, but I suspect this checklist will fall far short.  Please let me know of anything I might have missed.  I would love to be able to update this listing from time to time.

Furthermore, you will notice that I have not included any of the numerous vintage pins that feature Robinson.  The reason is that there is already fantastic website called Baseball Pinback Buttons that had done a fine job of it.  So, instead of copying I figured I would just point you in that direction.  Check out the most comprehensive listing of Jackie Robinson pins I have ever seen here, via Baseball Pinback Buttons.


1947 Bond Bread Advertisements

In Part I of my checklist I shared pics of a scarce regional card set from Homogenized Bond Bread that featured thirteen different Jackie Robinson cards.  Below are a few of the advertising items used to promote the set and the loaves of bread.

1947 Bond Bread 4" diameter advertising drink coaster

1947 Bond Bread Advertising window sign

1947 Bond Bread Advertising countertop display

Here is a large Jackie Robinson Bond Bread (10" x 14") counter advertising display. These are extremely scarce and highly sought after by Jackie Robinson collectors. For that reason, they have been reproduced/faked, and can be found on eBay all the time. So be careful if you run into one.

Comic Books

Negro Heroes #2
Summer 1948

Fawcett Publications Jackie Robinson Comics

Fawcett Publications issued a single biography-styled comic book on Jackie Robinson in May 1950. Originally, it was meant to be one issue, but Jackie's story proved very popular, so they eventually released five additional issues over the next two years.

I have all six issues in my collection, and spent some time last year scanning every page in the books.  You can now read every issue online.  Below are links to those scans:
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 1, May 1950 (Link Here)
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 2, July 1950 (Link Here)
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 3, September 1950 (Link Here)
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 4, November 1950 (Link Here)
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 5 (Link Here)
  • Jackie Robinson, Issue 6 (Link Here)
Below are pics of the front covers of each comic book.  Also, I make note of several Jackie Robinson collectibles that were sold to fans through the pages of issue #4 of this comic series.

#1 Jackie Robinson                             #2 Jackie Robinson

#3 Jackie Robinson                             #4 Jackie Robinson

#5 Jackie Robinson                             #6 Jackie Robinson

The back cover page of issues #4 is very cool (see below).  It features several Jackie Robinson collectibles being sold directly to the public.  Photos of each one are below.

"Save and Win" Jackie Robinson Dime Bank Box

This is the most common of the four items available through the comic. 

Jackie Robinson Trophy             Jackie Robinson Bust/Piggy Bank

The trophy on the below left is scarce.  I've only seen it available for sale a handful of times.  The piggy bank bust of Jackie is more common, but buyer beware.  From what I understand, several decades later the the bust was recast and reissued.  So there are reproductions out there.  BTW, both items below are bronze plated.

Jackie Robinson Rabbit Foot

This last item is the rarest of all.  As an Lelands auction in 2015 said, this is the holy grail for Jackie Robinson collectors.  Shown below is a Jackie Robinson lucky rabbit foot and I've only seen this for sale once in my short life.  The below example sold for $2,001.55 in July 2015.

Board Games

1948 Jackie Robinson Baseball Game
Gotham Pressed Steal Corporation 

1950's Jackie Robinson Pocket Baseball Game

1951 "Batter Up" Jackie Robinson Baseball game

Misc. 1950's

#5 - 1950 Pocket Television Theatre - Flipbook
How to Hit

This is one of my favorites.  A checklist indicated within this book says there is a second Robinson flipbook titled "How to Bunt", but I have never seen it.  I am uncertain if that one exist at all. 

BTW, I have one of these in my collection and made a youtube video featuring this book getting flipped.  See that below.

Below is video of this getting flipped:

Video Link:

1950 Jackie Robinson Doll

Produced by Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing.This was sold in several different ways.  It came in the below big gift box that includes a jacket, miniature bat, paper grass field and the pocket baseball game.  It may have also included a copy of the Jackie Robinson comic #1.  The doll was also sold individually in its own box.  You can see that below.

#NNO - 1952 Wheaties Tin Tray

This metal tray measures 4 7/8" x 5 1/8".

1954 Jackie Robinson "Major League All-Stars Barnstorming Tour" Program

Jackie Robinson All-Stars Barnstorming Team Souvenir Pennant

1950's Advertising Ink Blotter

1950's Leather Goods
Artwork by Willard Mullin

I am unsure who manufactured the next three items, but I do know that the drawing were done by artist Willard Mullin - famed for creating the Dodgers "Bum" mascot.  Other players are available in this form; including Johnny Mize, Ted williams and Joe DiMaggio. 

Pencil Case

 Key Chain


1950's Petitto Studios Jackie Robinson Candy Container

There's an interesting story to this item.  From my understanding, a big warehouse find in the 80's uncovered a whole bunch of these Robinson candy containers.  So, it is rather plentiful as vintage collectibles go.  On the other hand, the find only included the bronze-colored bust and not the clear plastic container that held the candy.  As a result, a complete container including the bust and plastic container often sell for a huge premium. 

1950's Cane Handle

From my understanding, a large treasure trove of these handles were found in the 80's. Also, I believe these were either sold or given away as a prize at carnivals.

1950's Hilton Wrist Watch and Alarm Clock

Unfortunately, I don't have an awful lot of information on these items. I do know they were sold by a New York based firm called Hilton -- obviously.

Post Career Memorabilia

1962 Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon Press Pass

1964 Hall of Fame Bust


1982 USPS Stamp - Scott #2016
1998 USPS Stamp - Scott #3186c

Originally sold in a collectors sheet.

2000 USPS Stamp - #3408a

Originally sold in a collectors sheet.

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