Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Kenta Maeda Dodgers Cards Now Available in Gypsy Queen

On the cusp of Maeda's debut this evening against the Padres, fans from the US to Japan can now get their very own Baseball card of him in a Dodgers uniform.  Officially released today is Topps 2016 Gypsy Queen set, and it includes three different Maeda cards to chase after (not counting the various parallels, of course).

As you likely know, Kenta does have a card in the recently released Topps Legacies set, but that is a redemption.  So, collectors do not yet have that in hand.  These Gypsy Queen cards, on the other hand, are the first of his to actually be found in packs.

Featured above is his base card.  It is numbered #343 and it is a part of the short-printed high numbers portion of the base set.  BTW, there is also a mini version of this card available (photo not available yet).  Furthermore, a base mini photo-variation card exist, as well.  You can see that below.

#343 Kenta Maeda

The best surprise of all, though, is that there are inserted Kenta Maeda autographed cards in the packs.  Collectors don't have to turn in a redemption in hopes of getting the card before the end of the season.  Instead, you can get it right now.

At the time of this posting there are two autographed cards for sale on eBay.  The first card to show up is a normal base auto and it's currently priced at $101.00 with three hours to go before closing.  A scarcer "green" parallel autograph card, numbered to only 99 copies, is at $56.00 and will close in just over seven hours.  I suspect both cards, as you get closer to the end of the auctions, will sell for far more than these prices.  Below is a pic of the "green" parallel Maeda autograph card.

#GQA-KMA Kenta Maeda

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