Thursday, July 28, 2016

AJ Ellis Gets an 2016 Topps Now Card for his First Stolen Base - #290 - I Kid You Not

No frick'n way!

Ya know... I haven't been a buyer of the 2016 Topps Now cards, but that may change.

I have just found out that Topps has decided to commemorate AJ Ellis' first career steal with his very own Baseball card highlighting it.  It says on the bottom:
"35-Year-Old Catcher Steals 1st Base Of His Career"
And it describes the event in detail on the reverse.  Go here to check it out and order.  Per Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider:
“It was just kind of one of those weird plays, he was a little bit slow to the plate, wasn’t paying much attention to me, and we’d see if we could make something happen,” Ellis said. “In all honestly, I didn’t think they’d be covering second base right there. I thought we’d just get catcher’s indifference to get to second base. He had a long leg kick — probably didn’t expect me to run. I wouldn’t have expected me to run.”
And I didn't expect to be so enamored with a Baseball card from this set.  In my opinion, this is the best Dodgers card made so far this year. 

UPDATE: the print run for this card is 261.

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