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Brooklyn Dodger Doings - Vintage 1938 Newsletter - Issue #2

A couple of days ago I shared pics of an Brooklyn Dodgers 1938 newsletter, issue #7, that is on auction (link here) called "Brooklyn Dodger Doings."  As you may know, the Dodgers started sending newsletters to fans in 1938, and the practice continued for many decades.  These newsletters are typically four pages and consist of the kind of news you can easily find online today.  Fortunately, I have recently been communicating with another Dodgers collector named Doug who has been kind enough to pass along scans of several other Dodger Doings issues to share with you.   

Featured here is the first of many issues that I will be posting up.  It is issue #2 from 1938 - the second newsletter ever released by the franchise.  Click on any pic to embiggen. 

One of the things of note is that this issue indicates the name of the hotels the Dodgers would be using when on the road (on page two).  I don't believe clubs would consider doing this today - security concerns, and all.  Although, fans and collectors always seem to show up anyway.  Back in 1938, though, they let their most fervent rooters know their location. 

Also in this issue is a story about recently acquired outfielder Ernie Koy.  The Dodgers had just bought his contract from the Yankees, and inserted him into the Opening Day lineup.  Immediately, he impressed the Brooklyn faithful by whacking a home run in his very first at-bat as a Dodger.  Overall, he recorded a single, double and home run in his debut.  It says:
Koy first sprang into national prominence in 1931 when he starred as a football and Baseball player at the University of Texas, from which he was graduated in 1933.

But Baseball was Koy's favorite sport and upon completing his college work he joined the Durham club of the Piedmont League and batted .328 for the season.  The following year he hit .337 for Binghampton of the New York-Penn. loop and in 1935 and 1936 he performed for Newark.  Koy was with Oakland, Calif. last year and batted .310.
Ernie had a fine season with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938.  He slashed .299/.352/.468/.820 that rookie season; belting 11 home runs, 29 doubles, 13 triples and 15 stolen bases.  BTW, Ernie's sons, Ted and Ernie Jr., played professional football.  Ernie Jr. played for the New York Giants from 1965 to 1970. His youngest son, Ted Koy, played for the college national champion Texas Longhorns in 1969 and went on to play with the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills.  His daughter Margaret Koy Kistler became a sportswriter in Texas.

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