Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blog Kiosk: 11/17/2016 - Dodgers Links - Tsao, Seager and Clayton Kershaw

Are you as eager for the start of Spring Training as I am?

The merciless doldrums of winter has finally set in, and all I can do to assuage my boredom is troll the web for reminders of spring.  Hence, the playful vintage press photo from the United Press, dated March 5, 1956 from Vero Beach, Florida, that you see above.  It features three Williams' in Brooklyn Dodger Blue.  Best of all, the middle Williams appears to be totally unaware of a little prank being played on him.  Photo originally found on eBay (Auction Link).  Per the write-up on the reverse:
"ANYBODY CALL FOR "WILLIAMS?" Vero Beach, Fla: Three gents who have the same last name --Williams-- at the Dodger training camp form a unique trio...and they are not related.  They are: (left to right) outfielder Dick Williams; catcher Don Williams; and pitcher Stan Williams.  Dick and Stan form "W" with their fingers over Don's head.".
Below are more links to check out:
I know he’s not going to win, since he wasn’t even a finalist, meaning I am in the minority in supporting excellence in a shortened season over slightly-less-excellent in a full-season. But in terms of overall value, Kershaw was still right there with the guys who threw an extra 40 to 80 innings.
Kershaw had a full-season’s worth of everyone else’s value; he just did it in four months instead of six.

  • Like in years past Panini America is running a 2016 Black Friday promotion for card hobby shops throughout the country.  Go here to check out some preview pics.  Unfortunately, Dodger players in the set have yet to be revealed.

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