Monday, January 09, 2017

2016 Panini National Treasures Baseball - The Dodgers Booklet Cards

A couple of weeks ago Panini released their 2016 National Treasures Baseball card set, and I am only now able to share some pics of the Dodger cards found within it.  Go here for a complete checklist.  I am still working on gathering pics of the base cards, so I figured I start with photos of many of the Dodger booklet cards that are available.

Something of note, I've run into several cards that are not listing in the original checklist provided by Panini, so there could very well be more Dodger cards out there that we don't know about.  For instance, there is an Clayton Kershaw Stars Booklet Materials Signatures card available that is not found on their checklist.

Armory Materials Booklet

#4 Corey Seager

Dual Materials Booklet

  • #8 Clayton Kershaw - not yet seen

All Out Jerseys Booklet

  • #2 Yasiel Puig - not yet seen

Triple Player Materials Booklet

#3 Ripken, Brett & Piazza

Quad Player Materials Booklet

#1 Clemente, Musial, Robinson & William

#2 Seager, Schwarber, Sano & Story 

#3 Kershaw , deGrom, Bumgarner & Arrieta

Twelve-Player Materials Booklet

#1 Lemon, Crosetti, Frisch, Goslin, Boudreau, Lajoie, Crawford, Simmons, Klein, Groh, Daubert, & Bresnahan
(not yet seen)

#2 Larkin, Jones, Howard, Carter, Piazza, smith, Robinson, Ripken, Banks, Carter, Bench, Piazza, Schmidt, Boggs, Boggs

Sixteen-Player Materials Booklet

#2 Kershaw

#3 Seager, Thompson

Legends Booklet Materials

#8 Pee Wee Reese

Legends Cuts Booklet Materials

  • #11 Roy Campanella - not yet seen
  • #38 Duke Snider - not yet seen
  • #52 Pee Wee Reese - not yet seen
  • #63 Burleigh Grimes - not yet seen
  • #66 Don Drysdale - not yet seen
#13 Carl Furillo

#54 Walter Alston

Not on checklist:
#Billy Herman

Star Booklet Materials

#17 Adrian Gonzalez 

Stars Booklet Materials Signatures

#27 Corey Seager

#32 Adrian Gonzalez
not yet seen

Not on Checklist
#Clayton Kershaw

Treasure Chest 24 Materials Booklet

#1 Beltre & Kershaw - 24 players

Treasure Chest 32 Materials Booklet

#1 Seager & Peraza - 32 players

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