Monday, May 01, 2017

2017 Bowman Baseball - The Dodgers Cards - Sketch, Autograph and '48 & '92 Bowman's

Here is a last look at some of the Dodgers' insert cards found in packs of Topps 2017 Bowman Baseball cards. Below are the numerous autograph, sketch and vintage fantasy Bowman Dodgers' cards. Go here to check out all of my past post on this set.

BTW, we find the very first licensed autographed cards for Dodger prospects Edwin Rios and Mitchell White.

Chrome Prospect Autographs

#CPA-AS Andrew Sopko

Paper Prospect Autographs (Retail Only)

#PA-ER Edwin Rios            #PA-MW Mitchell White

Chrome Rookie Autographs

#CRA-JDL Jose De Leon

1948 Bowman

#48B-SK Sandy Koufax

1948 Bowman Autographs

#48B-SK Sandy Koufax

1951 Bowman

#5 Duke Snider

#13 Clayton Kershaw                            #15 Corey Seager

1951 Bowman Originals Sketch Cards (1 of 1's)

  • #5 Duke Snider
  • #13 Clayton Kershaw
  • #15 Corey Seager
#13 Clayton Kershaw

1992 Bowman

#92B-DS Darryl Strawberry         #92B-MP Mike Piazza

1992 Bowman Autographs

#92B-MP Mike Piazza

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