Thursday, September 21, 2017

2017 Topps Gold Label - All the Dodgers Cards

This week saw the release of two Topps Baseball card sets -- Triple Threads and Gold Label. Below we take a look at all of the Dodgers' Gold Label cards. Go here for a complete check list.

There are 100 base cards in a set that includes both current and retired ballplayers. Furthermore, each player (all 100 of them) have three different "classes" available of them. So, in actuality, all 100 players in the set have three different base cards, and this translates into a 300 card base set. As you can see below, each different class of card  uses a different background photo. Also, each class is scarcer than the other -- Class 1 being the most common. Take a look at all the Dodger cards available in the set below.


#19 Cody Bellinger

#31 Corey Seager

#33 Julio Urias

#34 Mike Piazza

#35 Sandy Koufax

#57 Adrian Gonzalez

#83 Kenta Maeda

#85 Clayton Kershaw

Framed Autographs

  • #FA-JU Julio Urias -- Redemption Card
  • #FA-SK Sandy Koufax  -- Not Yet Seen
#FA-AT Andrew Toles          #FA-CB Cody Bellinger

#FA-CK Clayton Kershaw          #FA-CS Corey Seager

MLB Legend Relics

#GLR-JR Jackie Robinson

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