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Blog Kiosk: 11/7/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

"They're Signed with the Navy"

In wartime all must serve -- even ballplayers. Featured here are two Brooklyn Dodgers who have joined the Armed Forces. Check out Hugh Casey and Pee Wee Reese in the midst of putting on their Navy Baseball uniform. Per the description on the reverse:
They wear different uniforms now but Hugh Casey, (left), and Pee Wee Reese, former Brooklyn Dodgers' pitcher and shortstop respectively, are still playing ball -- but now, it's for Uncle Sam. They're batting 'em out at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk and are the nucleus of one of the best service team in the country.
Dated September 12, 1943, this vintage US Navy press photo from ACME was on auction at RMY, but did not sell. Check out the listing here. Below are more links to check out:
  • Happy Birthday, Joe HattenDick StuartRich RodasOrlando Mercado!
  • Not really surprised by this move. Forsythe's contract is very affordable. Per Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors; "Dodgers To Exercise Club Option On Logan Forsythe."
  • Via John Schlegel at MLB.com, Cody Bellinter, Dave Roberts and Clayton Kershaw are finalist for 2017 BBWAA awards -- Cody for Rookie of the Year, Clayton for Cy Young and Dave for Manager of the Year. Notably, Clayton Kershaw is the second pitcher in history to have seven straight top-five Cy Young Award finishes (joining only Greg Maddux).
  • I can make a case for all of these guys making it to the Hall. Per Mike Oz at Big League Stew; "Let the debate begin: Baseball Hall of Fame unveils 10 names on Modern Era ballot." Former Dodgers eligible for entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame include Steve Garvey and Tommy John. On a side note, it is truly terrible that former MLBPA union chief Marvin Miller is not already in the Hall. 
  • As you likely know, Yasiel Puig's home was robbed during the World Series (second time over the past year), and shares his thoughts about it with TMZ. Check out a video here.
  • He's coming! Per Jeff Todd at MLB Trade Rumors; "Shohei Otani Hires CAA."
While news of an agency choice is rarely outwardly exciting, it’s particularly notable in this case. Otani is severely limited in what he can earn, but will be looking for a team that suits his other preferences — the precise nature of which remain unknown, but which reportedly include a preference to see time as a hitter as well as a pitcher. His representation will also be advising him about marketing and other earning opportunities as well as the possibility of ultimately securing a long-term contract of the type he cannot now obtain due to the international signing restrictions.
  • This is a must read for autograph collectors. Per Luke Winn at Sports Illustrated; "How—and why—did a frustrated indy league player named Cliff Panezich engineer one of the biggest sports memorabilia frauds of all time?"
  • For whatever reason reliever Pat Neshek is the exception, not the rule. Per Richard Bergstrom at SABR Baseball Cards; "Pat Neshek, Card Collector."
RB: It doesn’t seem like many players collect cards anymore.
PN: It’s weird. Certain guys collect certain things. I know with the Phillies, Howie Kendrick did a lot of bobbleheads from the 60s. A few guys did balls, some guys did jerseys. But not many guys collect. There’s a few guys who do cards. Brad Ziegler does it. Chris Perez did for a little bit. You kind of got to get to know each guy. I think a lot of guys do collect but they just don’t let it be known.

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