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Blog Kiosk: 12/18/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Weekend Odds and Ends

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Do you know what happens when you spend all weekend shopping and don't bother lifting a finger to check out any news?

Something big happens, like a blockbuster trade, that you don't discover until a couple days later.

That's what I experienced this morning. I dutifully got up and prepared for work, headed to the office and finally decided to check out my news feed -- something I chosen to ignore all weekend long. To my utter surprise, I discovered that old-friend Matt Kemp is back in LA. (For how long? I dunno.) And just as shockingly, the Dodgers shipped high-priced talent Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir, along with utilityman Charlie Culberson and some cash to the Braves in return.

Wow! Stay tuned as I think about some "thank you" and "welcome" post with fantasy Baseball cards.

Below are more links to check out:
While the trade definitely saved on payouts to players in 2018, that wasn’t the motivation. Rather it was shedding money from the luxury tax number that was of importance. Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, and Culberson would’ve counted around ~$50 million against the Dodgers in 2018, whereas Matt Kemp and the cash sent to the Braves costs ~$21 million. That saves the team about $29 million for the upcoming season, which not only allows them to reset the luxury tax, but also affords them room to maneuver in 2018.

With both teams agreeing to play and promised a clean game, the attention turned to the fans, at the time it was thought that the Wichita area had up to 6,000 Klan members. Violence from this end was a concern, so much that when a local paper printed an article announcing the game they added:
“Strangle holds, razors and horsewhips, and other violent implements of argument will be barred at the baseball game at Island Park…when the baseball club of Wichita Klan Number 6 goes up against the Wichita Monrovians, Wichita’s crack colored team.

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