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Blog Kiosk: 1/8/2018 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

I love the above action photo of Dodgers legend Jim Gilliam sliding on homeplate. It is an International News Photo dated to a May 7, 1957 game against the Cincinnati Reds. Per the descriptor on the reverse:
Gilliam scores as Ed Bailey sadly walks away.
Short and sweet, eh? Unfortunately, the Dodgers would lose this game, 9-2. Below are more links to check out.
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1956 Jackie Robinson is awarded the prestigious Spingarn Medal by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for his strong support of civil rights initiatives. Martin Luther King Jr. was given the honor the prior year.
  • Happy Birthday, Chauncey FisherBrian JohnsonDerek Thompson!
  • Audio: Listen to Austin Barnes with David Vassegh on Dodger Talk. They discuss everything from offseason weddings to Game 7 of the World Series. (audio link)
  • As you surely know by know, a three-team trade was completed last week that includes the Dodgers acquiring lefty Scott Alexander and utilityman Jake Peter for Luis Avilan, Trevor Oaks and Erick Mejia. Stay tuned for fantasy Baseball cards soon.
  • Per Hunter Thompson at Dodgers Bluepen; "Dodgers Unveil First Half Of Bobbleheads For 2018 Season." 
  • Rowan Kavner at Dodger Insider has announced the 2018 Dodgers coaching staff, and it includes a handful of changes (two of whom were previously announced). One new face is Danny Lehmann:
Lehmann, 32, was the Dodgers’ advance video scout the last three seasons. In his new role, he will combine that game planning and positioning knowledge with more on-field and in-the-dugout responsibilities, including both pre-game and in-game work.
  • Per; "What Clayton Kershaw's doing this winter with Yu Darvish, and how he's doing after falling short in the World Series."
Q: Thoughts on Yu Darvish and his time as a Los Angeles Dodger
Kershaw: Yu's awesome. I think he was great when he came over. He speaks great English, so I got to talk to him a lot. He's actually my throwing partner this offseason. We've been throwing every day. It's been great to get to know him. That World Series was tough, but nobody remembers the start against the Diamondbacks, or that start against the Cubs that got us to the World Series. I mean he was dominant for us. He made 12 or 13 starts for us in the regular season to get us to that point. Everybody remembers that last start, and I understand that, but Yu is unbelievable.
  • Rowan Kavner at Dodger Insider shares some of the changes you'll see the Dodgers Spring facility at Camelback Ranch; including a new scoreboard and more shade.
  • You knew this was coming down the pike. Via Blowout Buzz; "Topps signs Japanese star Shohei Ohtani to long-term autograph deal."
  • I knew there was something about her that I liked. Per Olivia Exstrum at Mother Jones; "“I’m Just Really Passionate About Trying to Stop Fascism”: Journalist Molly Knight’s new podcast tackles politics from a refreshing perspective."
Mother Jones: You started your career as a sportswriter, and your last big project was your book about the Dodgers. How did you end up being a Trump provocateur on Twitter?
Molly Knight: Friends of mine who write about sports will ask me if I was nervous about losing followers, because I would assume half or maybe more than half of the people who bought my baseball book lean conservative. That didn’t ever cross my mind. I started tweeting about Trump because it was right versus wrong. It wasn’t like a calculated branding decision, it was just how I felt. I’m just really passionate, it turns out, about trying to stop fascism. God bless those who want me to stick to baseball. It’s not happening.

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