Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2018 Topps Tier One - Dodgers Autograph and Relic Cards

Topps' high-end Tier One Baseball card brand hit stores last week, and I've got pics of many of the Dodgers cards found in packs. Go here for a complete checklist. For the most part, the cards seen here are the more common cards available - if there is such a thing for a brand that includes two autographs and a relic per $100+ pack. You should see the Talent Autographs, Break Out Autographs, Prime Performer Autographs and the Tier One Relics.

Tier One Talent Autographs

#TTA-AV Alex Verdugo                #TTA-CS Corey Seager

#TTA-CT Chris Taylor                #TTA-MP Mike Piazza

#TTA-SK Sandy Koufax

Break Out Autographs

#BA-AV Alex Verdugo            #BA-CT Chris Taylor

#BA-WB Walker Buehler

Prime Performers Autographs

#PPA-AW Alex Wood           #PPA-CK Clayton Kershaw

#PPA-CS Corey Seager

For the Tier One Relics below (including the Legends cards) there are triple relic (1 of 1) cards available of each player. Unfortunately, none have yet to be unearthed. The dual patch relic cards are all numbered to 25 copies.

Tier One Relics

#T1R-CBE Cody Bellinger

#T1R-CK Clayton Kershaw

#T1R-CSE Corey Seager

#T1R-JT Justin Turner

#T1R-KJ Kenley Jansen

#T1R-YP Yasiel Puig

Tier One Legends Relics

#T1RL-DS Duke Snider

#T1RL-JR Jackie Robinson

#T1RL-MP Mike Piazza

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