Friday, June 08, 2018

2018 Baseball Treasure MLB Coins - The Kershaw Coin

I had almost forgot that Topps were making these. (This is not actually a Topps product) Fortunately, the fine gentleman at Sports Card Info provided a nice reminder. In addition to Finest, Topps also released a debut brand called 2018 Baseball Treasure MLB Coins. It features set of 30 base cards that include a precious metal coin embedded within it. Go here for a complete checklist.

Only one Dodger player is available -- Clayton Kershaw. The base card/coin is made of bronze; while parallels exist in real silver and real gold. The gold coins are all 1 ounce in weight, are all "1 of 1's" and can be found as a redemption card in packs. Silver and bronze coins are inserted into packs. Also, this product can be found in retail stores like Modells and local hobby shops. You can find stores with these packs via a helpful website created by Topps that provides locations throughout the country. Go here to check that out.

Base Copper Coin

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