Friday, July 12, 2019

Blog Kiosk: 7/12/2019 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Dodger fans have always traveled well.

Featured above is a group of avid Brooklyn Dodger fans at Shibe Park in Philadelphia on the last day of the 1949 season, October 2nd. The team only had a one game lead over the Cardinals going into this last game, so fans dutifully headed south in hopes that their presence would push their club over the finish line.

It worked.

The Dodgers defeated the Phillies, 9-7, and won the National League Pennant. In celebration, these fans proudly display their affection for the team.... Although, I suspect these rooters were showing off this placard throughout the game.

Below are more links to check out:
“I’m really very excited about this,” Jarrin said. “The generosity of my wife is immensely rich, and I want to continue the empathy she showed, and I know I can rally honor her memory. I will try my best to be very successful because I know she is in heaven smiling at us. I want Blanca to be very proud of the organization.”
“We have to help our Latinos kids who are pursuing a higher education because those are the kids that will be best equipped to answer the challenges that we are constantly bombarded with and to set the record straight,” said Jorge Jarrin, Jaime’s son and Spanish broadcast partner. “This Foundation won’t cure all of the problems, but it’s going to be our part on behalf of my mom and my dad to do something to contribute and help somebody that needs help. It’s very important.”
Joe Davis: Did you ever deal with tipping [your pitches]?
Orel Hershiser: Oh yeah, I tipped some pitches. I had to invent the piece of leather that goes on the outside part of the glove that covers your index finger. If you’re one of those people who like to have a finger out on the glove, that piece of leather did not exist in my day, and I knew I wiggled my finger a little bit when I got my curveball grip. So [after] seeing that on video, I had to have the glove company create that piece of leather on the outside to guard my finger.
"It's great to see him off to such a good start," Coolbaugh said last week. "You never know when things might change ... when that first adversity might hit like it does with all players. With Gavin, I don't sense any real issues dealing with that. He makes continuous adjustments along the way. He's got good bat-to-ball skills, but he's also a high character kid with good baseball IQ. Gavin has a lot of those intangibles and things you may not see in numbers that go into molding a player."

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