Wednesday, December 04, 2019

2019 Topps Transcendent Collection - The Dodger Cards

The super-high-end Transcendent Collection Baseball card brand by Topps was released last week and it's a doozy. For the cost of an economy car (more than $25,000) you can get a special metal framed suitcase fill with 54 autographs (including Jeter and Griffey Jr.), 1 original sketch, 2 Complete Sets (Transcendent Icons & Franchise Favorites Reproductions) and 1 VIP Invitation to meet Ken Griffey Jr. Prior Transcendent sets had fan greets with Mike Trout (2018), Hand Aaron (2017) and Kris Bryant (2016).

Check out most of the Dodger cards below. Go here for a complete checklist. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen photos of any of the 'one of one' Dodger cards.

BTW, you can watch an unboxing of a suitcase here.

Transcendent Icons Base

#4 Cody Bellinger

#46 Sandy Koufax

#48 Jackie Robinson

Franchise Favorites Reproductions

#FFR-CK Clayton Kershaw

#FFR-DSN Duke Snider

#FFR-JR Jackie Robinson

#FFR-SK Sandy Koufax

Transcendent Autographs

#TCA-SK Sandy Koufax

Transcendent Image Variation Autographs

#TCVA-SK Sandy Koufax

1953 SuperFractor Autographs (#/1)

  • #53S-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen
  • #53S-SK Sandy Koufax -- Not Yet Seen
  • #53S-SKO Sandy Koufax -- Not Yet Seen

Autograph Patches (#/1)

  • #AP-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen
  • #AP-CKE Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen

Franchise Favorites Sketch (#/1)

  • #FFS-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen
  • #FFS-DSN Duke Snider -- Not Yet Seen
  • #FFS-JR Jackie Robinson -- Not Yet Seen
  • #FFS-SK Sandy Koufax -- Not Yet Seen

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