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Blog Kiosk: 12/11/2019 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Here is Duke Snider running out a grounder during a spring game in 1956 (eBay auction link). As you may know, Snider would have one of the finest season of his career in 1956 -- leading the league in homers (43), walks (99), OBP (.399), Slugging (.598) and OPS (.997).
3/11/56 - Miami, Fla: Duke Snider, Dodgers, out at 1st during 2nd inning action, Dodgers-Red Sox exhibition game. Norm Zauchin, Red Sox first baseman stretches for ball (just out of glove). United Press Telephoto.
Below are more links to check out:
The news is also interesting because of what it says about the Dodgers’ intentions this winter. The club isn’t exactly desperate for rotation pieces but obviously feels it’s an area to add. President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman is said to be looking at about a dozen key targets, as Pedro Moura of The Athletic reported today. It seems that bolstering the starting staff is a significant priority.
AJ Hinch: "What I can say is I've committed my time and energy to cooperate with MLB. I've talked to them a couple of times, and we continue to work with them as they navigate the investigation. Now we're waiting [for an outcome], with everything in their hands. I know there will still be questions. I hope there is a day when I'm [able] to answer more questions. Today is not that day."

A trove of financial documents for the Dodgers from 1924-1965 which belonged to minority owner James A. Mulvey are on the auction block.
Consigned to Nate D. Sanders Auctions directly by the Mulvey family, the never before seen data includes reports prepared by the Dodgers’ accounting firm, with detailed income statements and balance sheets, usually on a quarterly or annual basis, as well as other information such as a 1932 report outlining the ”depreciation” of each baseball player, including Lefty O’Doul and Hack Wilson.
  • Interestingly, there are several other James A. Mulvey (the former Dodgers owner from 1912-1975) items available on auction; including a 1963 World Series ring (link here) and 1955 World Series ring (link here). 
  • Now he wants to buy one of the top teams in the Premier League. Via Sam Street at The Sun -- "Who is Todd Boehly? Chelsea takeover bid made by American LA Dodgers part-owner worth £4.72bn."
  • Gavin Lux has just released his second video on YouTube, and it's titled, The Grind. Watch it below.

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