Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 Topps Black & White Baseball -- All the Dodgers Cards

Topps 2020 On-Demand set #4, called MLB Black & White Baseball, has been showing up on collectors doorsteps. As the name suggest, this online exclusive set features the top players in the game, both past and present, on cards using unique black & white photographs -- many of which I have never seen before. Go here for a complete checklist. A total of 2015 30-card packs were sold.

The best card is clearly the Duke Snider / Jackie Robinson Historic Duos insert card. It uses a photograph I have never seen before -- featuring both players crouching with bats at their shoulders and they are nicely framed by a couple of other bats. Check out this card below. Another favorite of mine is the Dustin May base card. This card is unusual in its framing. Using the Rule of Thirds, Topps places the right-handed hurler on the right side -- thereby leaving a giant blank open space to his left. In order to balance out this placement the bright lights of the stadium is seen on the top left -- causing a nice contract between light and dark. The artistic quality of this photo is something you rarely see on cardboard.

Lastly, I decided to include the cards made for Hyun-Jin Ryu and Mookie Betts -- even though they represent other teams on the card.


#13 Walker Buehler

#32 Clayton Kershaw                #59 Gavin Lux

#64 Dustin May

I thought I would also add pics of both the Mookie Betts and Hyun-Jin Ryu cards. Betts card does not show him in a Red Sox uniform, so I'll count it as a Dodger card -- even though it isn't marked as such. The Ryu card is obviously a Blue Jays card, but I'm showing it anyway.

#3 Mookie Betts

#43 Hyun-Jin Ryu

Champions and Awards Insert

#A-5 Cody Bellinger NL MVP

Historical Duos

#D-8 Jackie Robinson/Duke Snider

Baseball Headlines

#H-1 Jackie Robinson Signs with Dodgers


#32-A Clayton Kershaw               #59-A Gavin Lux

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