Monday, May 04, 2020

2020 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball -- All the Dodger Prospects

As you likely know, COVID-19 has affected the Baseball card hobby in many ways -- one of which is the delay of various card brand releases. One of those products is the very popular Bowman Baseball set. As you know, this brand ushers in many of the future young stars found in the game. So, Topps decided to create an online-only version of the set to satisfy collector demand, and it caused quite a stir in the hobby. In fact, collectors on social media complained mightily.

The online-only set is called 2020 Bowman 1st Edition and it sold out instantaneously. Go here for a complete checklist.

Topps made limited packs available over three consecutive days, limiting each buyer to only 24 packs (costing a collector $359.76 overall). Unfortunately, it's limited nature and potential high resale value meant that the packs would sell out fast -- I just don't think Topps realized how fast it would be.

Their website quickly crashed and fans got locked out.

Soon, Topps changed the purchase procedure -- asking buyers to be signed in before placing an order. Why? Well... I suspect the bots got in the way and they felt this would alleviate their issues. As you may know, bots (an online program that streamlines and quickens the purchase process) have been used in all kinds of industries -- allowing folks with nefarious ethics to get in front of the line (like line-skipping). I am certain Topps faced this kind of onslaught and I doubt they found a way to stop it. After all, brands like Nike and Adidas have tried and failed.

As for myself, I tried and failed to get any packs.

Check out the five Dodgers' available in the set below. Autographed parallels are also available, but none of the Dodgers' are known to have an autographed version (as of yet).

Base Prospects

#BFE-3 Jacob Amaya

#BFE-4 Kody Hoese

#BFE-48 Josiah Gray

#BFE-131 Miguel Vargas

#BFE-143 Keibert Ruiz

First Edition Chrome Autographs

  • No Dodgers are known to be on the checklist, so far. If any do pop up I will be sure to update this post.
You can see all the known Dodger autographed cards here.

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  1. Interesting! Didn't know what this set was, so I'm glad you posted this.


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