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2020 Topps Definitive Collection - All the Dodger Cards

A couple of weeks back Topps released their super-premium brand, 2020 Topps Definitive Collection. For the price of about $1500 (holy smokes) you can get a single pack of eight cards -- six of which are autographed. Go here for a complete checklist.

As always, this set features clean and crisp background designs -- always in white with numerous colored parallels available. Also, all autographs are on-card (with exception of the cut signatures).

Below is a look at most of the Dodger cards available. I make special note of a Joc Pederson relic card with a game-used jersey piece attached.

Definitive Rookie Autographs

#DRA-DM Dustin May         #DRA-DMA Dustin May

#DRA-GL Gavin Lux         #DRA-GLU Gavin Lux

#DRA-GLUX Gavin Lux

Definitive Autograph Collection

  • #DCA-SK Sandy Koufax -- Not Yet Seen
#DCA-CK Clayton Kershaw

Defining the Decade Autograph Collection

#DDAC-CK Clayton Kershaw             #DDAC-SK Sandy Koufax

Framed Autograph Collection

#DCFA-CK Clayton Kershaw

#DCFA-GL Gavin Lux          #DCFA-SK Sandy Koufax

Legendary Autograph Collection

  • #LAC- SK Sandy Koufax -- Not Yet Seen

Dual Autograph Collection

#DAC-ML Gavin Lux & Max Muncy

Definitive Cut Signatures (#/1)

  • #DCS-DD Don Drysdale
  • #DCS-DS Duke Snider
  • #DCS-GH Gil Hodges
  • #DCS-JR Jackie Robinson
  • #DCS-PRE Pee Wee Reese
  • #DCS-RC Roy Campanella
#DCS-DD Don Drysdale

Base Autograph Relic Collection

#ARC-CK Clayton Kershaw          #ARC-WB Walker Buehler

Definitive Autographed Ultra Patch Collection

  • #DAUPC-WB Walker Buehler -- Not Yet Seen

Framed Autograph Patch Collection

#FAC-WB Walker Buehler

Autograph Patch Book Collection

#DAPB-CK Clayton Kershaw

Jumbo Relic Collection

#DJRC-JP Joc Pederson

I love these relic cards that have MLB Authentic stickers attached. This Joc Pederson card uses a game-used uniform piece from a game dated 11/7/2019 (#JD679483). On this day the Dodgers squared off against the Nationals at Dodger Stadium and defeated them, 5-0 (boxscore). Pederson accounted for two of those runs -- hitting first and fifth inning homers.

Definitive Nameplate Collection (#/1)

  • #NC-JP Joc Pederson -- Not Yet Seen

Definitive Patch Collection (#/1)

  • #DPC-CBE Cody Bellinger -- Not Yet Seen
  • #DPC-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen
  • #DPC-JP Joc Pederson -- Not Yet Seen
  • #DPC-WB Walker Buehler -- Not Yet Seen

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  1. DPC-CBE Cody Bellinger: I got it today 1/1 "THE BELLI", beautiful card!
    Thanks to Dave & Adams for an awesome break! Check it out 3:53:12


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