Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Blog Kiosk: 5/12/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Here's a look at a mundane activity that happens in every clubhouse -- the manicuring of a Baseball uniform. Featured is Dodger coach Leo Durocher, circa 1961, having the sleeves on his shirt trimmed by a clubhouse attendant (eBay auction link)

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1956 Dodgers hurler Carl Erskine throws his second career no-hitter -- becoming the eighth Dodger to do so in their history. He blanked the New York Giants, 3-0 (boxscore), at Ebbets Field. In 1979 Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchorman Bill Murray announced that lovable All-Star second baseman Chico Escuela (played by Garrett Morris) would quit baseball after Steve Garvey crushed a ball that hit Escuela in the crotch -- rendered him irreversibly infertile. In 2004 Alex Cora had his famous 18 pitch at-bat (including 14 consecutive fouls balls) at Dodger Stadium against Matt Clement of the Cubs that culminated in an unbelievable two-run home run.  You can watch this at-bat hereIn 2015 Giancarlo Stanton owned Dodgers pitcher Mike Bolsinger when he become only the fourth player to hit a home run out of Dodger Stadium. Watch it here. Stanton's homer would prove to be the only run the Marlins would score (boxscore).
  • Happy BirthdayLave CrossDutch HenryRafael Bournigal & Adam Liberatore!
  • Per Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors -- "2021 World Baseball Classic Reportedly Canceled."
  • Mark Langill at Dodger Insider put together a nice write-up on the anniversary of Sandy Koufax's second no-no yesterday -- "OTD: Sandy’s second no-no."
“Every night, Sandy was a threat to pitch a no-hitter,” said Tommy Davis, the two-time National League batting champion who in 1963 alternated between third base and left field. “It was tough to play defense behind Sandy, because you sometimes felt like a spectator and forget the batter might hit the ball in your direction.”
(Tim) Belcher said he had a revelation on his flight to Los Angeles to join the Dodgers.
“You’re 26 years old. You’ve gone from prospect to suspect and now back to prospect,” Belcher said. “I was smart enough to realize the only reason I hadn’t gotten called up to the big leagues from Oakland was that very fact -- I was walking too many people. You know what, I’m going to L.A. They’re out of it. They’re going to pitch me all of September. I’ve got to throw the ball over the plate. Even if everything I throw goes off the wall or over the wall, I have to throw strikes.”
  • I am always happy to see a former Dodger doing well. Per Jay Jaffe at FanGraphs -- "The Remaking of a Pitcher in the KBO: A Conversation with Josh Lindblom, Part 1."
My wife and I, we were tired of being traded, tired of doing the up and down thing. And we felt like going to Korea was going to provide some stability for us as a family. Just being able to go to Korea, that was going to be in one spot. And if I was sent home, it was because I just wasn’t good. That’s what makes being in Asia really simple — if you go there and you play well, you stay. If you stink, you go home. So it provided stability in the sense that we knew where we were going to be if I performed, and financial stability as well.
  • I don't have any tattoos, but if I wanted one it would be this -- an embroidered logo tattoo. Per Paul Lukas at UniWatch -- "Skin Deep: Embroidered Logos as Super-Detailed Tattoos."
  • Via Andy Frye at Sports Illustrated -- "Cubs' Anthony Rizzo Says Hitting Against Dodgers Pitchers is a Mind Game."
“When you play the Dodgers in L.A., it’s always fun, always electric. Dodger Stadium is a great stadium to play in - and they have good fans. They’re fun to play, because they bring their best every single game. As a competitor that’s what you want to stack up against.”

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