Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jay- Dee-Drew Jay-Dee-Drew

Dodgers win 6-3 on the back of "please stay healthy" JD Drew. A leadoff homer and bloop two run single spark a strong showing by the Dodgers. Odalis said, "You know, if he's healthy, he's going to hit." You betcha big man. Perez is now 3-0 and Saito has shown himself to be a experienced relief pitcher capable of completing any job handed to him. Saito may end up being the difference this year for the backup staff. All I can say is lets see it again tonight.

Nomar will get the start tonight as Loney heads to AAA Las Vegas. This is probably the most important time in Loney's career. He can use this recent opportunity to start at firstbase as a learning tool. He ends up hitting a respectable .225 with excellent defense. Now, I know. "Respectable?" Yes. Although he didn't wow us with 350 ft homeruns, he did show us he is capable of doing much better. I think he has the smarts and skills to use this learning experience as a tool to success. I look forward to him plugging up firstbase in the future.

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