Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Draft Signing Deadline

Well, Dodger Blue Heaven dreams of Luke Hochevar wearing the royal garb, the colors of flatbush, the Southlands real team uniform is all for naught. Today is the draft deadline and as the LA Times states,
"it appears it will pass without a deal."
No Luke in Blue.

Boras- you greedy bastard! You have infected the young Padawan with a nasty virus. A virus that has led him astray. It's a virus that infects the young too naive to understand the hurdles that still remain. You have killed the hopes and dreams of current and future Dodger/ Star Wars fans. You see, only the Force can save him now.

I was having wonderful dreams about Luke strutting up to the mound with a big grin on his face and a steady arm at his side. Then, Tommy would run out from the dugout being chased by pumpkin colored stormtroopers. Quickly, he would lance them all with his baseball bat shaped sword to protect the prized star pitcher. Slowly, Tommy would turn to Luke with an out-stretched hand and say, "Luke, I am your father." And then everything would be right with the world.

OK. I know this is crazy talk, but ya know what? Imagine all the great stories that we could have made up if Luke was coming to LA. The adventures of the young players, turn Padawans, facing the universe together as a united force. They would go through the galaxy without fear and trepidation knowing very well that their skipper and "old hands", The Jedi, will send them down the correct path. We could talk about the Death Star up north, run by the evil Barroid, trying to gobble up our peaceful lands. Daily taunts by the twisted cousins to the South would be a constant nuisance like Jar Jar Binks. It would have been awesome.

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