Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Even the Ninjas Love Nomar!

Man - O - Live!! I'm starting to love this guy. No wonder Boston loved him. He's a gamer who lives to play baseball. He can pick up positions like a little league kid eager to learn the game. I'm amazed by his tag outs on errant throws. His ability to scoop up throws in the dirt is like watching Will Clark make a game saving play. Now... I'm not say'n Nomar's gold glove material. He still has much to learn as he still lacks the ease and grace of a Will Clark, but he sure has the skills. I'm happily surprised about his play and am thankful he calls LA home.

This afternoon Nomar Garciaparra had just one hit in four at bats. Fortunately, that one hit was at the most important point in the game. Its the 7th inning with the bases loaded. Nomar wrangles up to the plate performing his customary wrist dance and toe tap. Fastball. He slaps it to the left side. A smooth ground ball single between 3rd and SS. That's all it took. Two runs score and the Dodgers take a 2 run lead.

Broxton does his job and takes down the Rockies one by one in one inning of work. He gets two strike outs in his effort. Biemel is shaky, but Baez is able to just get by. It ended up being a 3-2 squeker.

A meaningful win, won in uncertain times. Can the Dodgers bullpen keep from blowing up? Will the Dodgers starting pitching continue its brilliant performance? Can the offense be more consistant? Can we get better than .500? Are we better than a .500 team?

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