Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is Our House!

With dejection and despair Angels fans marched out of the stadium after the 8th inning. It was quite a sight to see. A sea of red flowing up and out towards the exits like a fresh wound from a prickly needle. Not even the ridiculous Rally Monkey stayed. He went home too, and in his shame he decided to not show his face. It was just another beautiful Friday night in Southern California as the Los Angeles Dodger ran over the helpless Angels of Anaheim , 6-1.

What a game. I was seated in the upper reserve section just a bit towards third base in the 3rd row. These where great seats and provided an awesome view.

I saw Nomar continue his National League dominance with 2 doubles. Kenny Lofton showed he still had game as he twice singled sharply to center. Caesar is proving that he is a 3rd base gold glove candidate. To be not outdone, rookie Andre "The Giant" Ethier went 3 for 4 with a monstrous 2 run home run to center field, just passed the outstretched arms of Chone Figgins. Four hundred plus feet baby! I had fun, my friends seated to my right and left had fun and my new friends in Blue all around the stadium in attendance had fun. It was just a fun night of Dodger baseball.

I knew the Blue Army was in attendance when in the early part of the game chants of "Let's Go Dodgers" could clearly be heard by all. Imagine that. In a sea of red all we could hear was the glory of Blue. The fans had come out to cheer our team and our team responded with a clear victory.

I've got some photos that I will post later on so stay tuned. I'll also have more photos for this afternoons game. I'm heading over to Angel Stadium with a large contingent of friends. Thanks Mike! He's an old friend from elementary school (Do people really have friends from that far back?) who decided in all his grace and benevolence to foot the bill for the game for the whole group. We will be a mixture of Red and Blue fans so it won't be a united front. Nevertheless, I can't wait.

BTW, if you hear obnoxious chants of "This is Our House, " then you know its me. Say hi and join in. "This is Our House!"

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