Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Steve Howe Follow-up

Not to long ago I was chatting with a buddy of mine when he asked the question, "did you hear anything about Howe and what happened?" At the time I said no. Well, now we know. A toxicology report indicates that Steve Howe had methamphetamine in his system. The scourge of the nation has taken one of our beloved Dodger Blue friends.

I, unfortunately, have seen the horrors this drug can bring- not as a user but as a witness. In my more youthful days, when I was more care free and able to party til dawn, I saw really good people get screwed up on that stuff. I mean really good folk who became something different because of that drug. I saw friends become strangers. The intelligent become useless. The responsible became thieves. The trustworthy became dead to me. Its the one drug where I have never seen a full recovery. There is always something there- left over. Speed screws with you for the long term, even long after you've stopped using it.

I sincerely hope that those with this addiction seek help and guidance.

For info on methamphetamine check here:

For Narcotics Anonymous check here:

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