Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Postseason Preview

I'm nervous with anticipation. My palms are sweating and my lips are stuttering. Why does the season have to be so long?

The Dodgers and the Mets face off tonight in a very important match-up between the team with the best record in Baseball and a team fighting for a playoff spot. Brad Penny will take the mound for the Dodgers. Tom Glavine will pitch for the New York Mets.

Other important roster changes for the Dodgers include Lugo batting 2nd and playing third base and Matt Kemp playing center field. Lets' hope that Kemp builds on his 2 hit performance yesterday.

I'm worried about the Mets recent acquisition of Shawn Green. He has absolutely killed the Dodgers this year. Paul LoDuca is still very dangerous- especially since he has found a way to continue hitting well even in the 2nd half. Jose Reyes and David Wright are infield studs.

This is going to be a tough series and will be an indicator of how good this team really is, or is not.


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