Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Only Regret is that I Don't Play Golf

So, this past Thursday a bunch of guys from my office took the afternoon off to play some golf. It was for a charitable event that the Director of the company I work for help start and put together. The charity is called New Directions for Women. It is a non-profit drug and alcohol treatment provider for women, pregnant women and women with children. It's a great cause that seeks to address an important need.

Anyway, I don't golf at all. In fact, my swing is so bad I should just take a Baseball bat with me to hit those little balls instead of a driver. So, I opted to not participate on that afternoon. I would soon regret that decision.

Mr. Jim Campanis, former Dodger farmhand and son of Al Campanis, the former Dodger GM was on hand that afternoon.

Just my luck, right?

He retold stories of his time in Baseball and the Dodgers. More importantly, he was wearing his 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series ring. In fact, he let a bunch of folks wear his ring. Below is Jim, my boss, wearing the ring with Mr. Campanis by his side (on the right). The interns from my office also had a chance to put on the gold and diamond clad beauty.

At the same time I was in the office working. What kind of idiot am I!


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  4. wow. what a cool thing to stumble on! i do the public relations for NDFW and took that photo in your blog post. thanks for you support of such a good cause in O. C. hope to see you this year


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