Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Allen & Ginter's Fantasy Card- The Dude Abides

As you may recall, I had previously written about a Mother Teresa signed Allen & Ginter card that recently sold on eBay for over $10,000.00. Furthermore, I mentioned that this set includes names not typically found in modern card offerings. In fact, the set includes many non-Baseball and non-sports people. Do you want a Queen Victoria card? How about P. T. Barnum? Is classical reading your fancy, then pick up a Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Well, several Baseball collector blogs have been putting together list of potential submissions for Topps to consider in their future offerings of this widely popular card set. Check out Stale Gum's submission here. Cardboard Junkie has his own list with photo-shopped examples. Then, he updates it and includes the best suggestion of all- a "The Big Lebowski" card. All you have to do is use a photo from that whacked out dream sequence and title it "The Dude Abides."

It's brilliant I tell ya. Brilliant!

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