Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Eyes Hurt

Watching has been hard to do. Our team has looked dismal. They haven't been able to score any meaningful runs for weeks. Our pitching staff has been in and out of the emergency room. They are overworked and in need of a tune up. We made some desperate trades only to see us make other moves to replace who we lost. (Betemit for Hillenbrand & Marlon for Sweeney) It has been like watching a pinball wrap around a course only to see it fall into that hidden gap for a loss. When will these doldrums end.

Then, something happened. That something is something I don't think I can appropriately describe. Yesterday was like a brand new day. It was a different day. Our players came out with more gusto. They had the look of a team that may be down, but they certainly were not out.

Our staff ace, Brad Penny, came roaring back with an efficient and commendable 6 inning performance. Our relief staff (Proctor, Broxton, Saito) pitched 3 scoreless innings. They combined for one walk, one hit and four strike outs. Our bats, from young to old, suddenly came back to life.

Juan Pierre has been on fire. Russell Martin snapped out of his mid-season funk to crank out two homers. Kemp looked like he is ready to get out of his slump. Gonzo got two hits. Everything appears to be working itself out.

Will this last? I hope so. After all, at this point in the season all we have left is hope.

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