Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vizcaino Back In Blue

Jose Vizcaino comes full circle. He has been hired as a Special Assistant for the 2008 season.
“Jose brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him that will be a great asset to the Dodgers,” said Colletti. “Everyone in baseball has the utmost respect for Jose because of his character and his dedication to the game and we’re excited that he’s returning to the Dodger organization.”

Vizcaino, 39, will work on special projects in baseball operations and will serve as an on-field instructor during Spring Training. He will also instruct at the Dodgers’ academy in the Dominican Republic , Campo Las Palmas.

The Dominican Republic native came up through the Dodgers’ farm system, playing at Campo Las Palmas in the 1980s after being signed out of his hometown in San Cristobal . He made his Major League debut on Sept. 10, 1989 as the second-youngest player in the National League that season and also played for Los Angeles in 1990 before moving on to a productive career with the Cubs, Mets, Indians, and Giants.

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